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XL Generator

XL Generator

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Large Generator

If your having your party or event at a park or other outdoor location, electrical service is not always available. Some locations will also require that you supply your own electrical service for large equipment like inflatables. Don't get caught without the proper equipment. Contact us to find out about specific requirements and specifications for your event. Generators are only available for rentals including inflatables or concessions. Generator fuel consumption varies based on draw load. Under mild to moderate loads, Generators typically operate for five to seven hours on a full tank of Generator Fuel. 


PLEASE NOTE: All Bounce Orlando Generators come with a full tank of Generator Fuel and are guaranteed for up to four (4) hours of continuous use. Additional Generator Fuel can be purchased by contacting our offices prior to your event. Bounce Orlando strictly prohibits the use of unapproved fuels—including regular unleaded gasoline—to insure safe operation and avoid equipment damage or failure. Generator Fuel purchases are final and unused fuel is not eligible for refund.